Information Technology Policies

Information Technology Strategic Plan

Recognizing information technology is inseparable from education, Scripps College aspires to sustain an educational environment that provides the fullest possible array of information and communication technologies to members of its community. Information technology at Scripps exists to support and enhance teaching and learning, scholarly and creative activity, and administrative functions.

Appropriate Use of Campus Computing and Network Resources

An overall guiding mission of The Claremont Colleges is education in an environment where the free exchange of ideas is encouraged and protected. The Claremont Colleges make available computing and network facilities (CNF) resources for use by the Colleges’ students, faculty and staff. These services are provided for educational purposes and to carry out the legitimate business of the Colleges.

Authoritative Data Policy

Scripps College maintains the central authoritative data base for all major systems related to students, faculty, staff, alumnae and major donors on a single, central software platform. This central system is designed to preserve the integrity of the data, including security, access and accuracy.

World Wide Web Policies

The Scripps College World Wide Web site is considered an official College communication vehicle intended to serve two primary purposes:

  1. To enhance and facilitate teaching, learning, scholarly and creative activity on the part of students, faculty, and other members of the Scripps community;
  2. To support information exchange and communication among members of the Scripps community and between Scripps and external publics.

E-mail Lists

Scripps College Student-L, Staff-L and Faculty-L are moderated lists to be used only for official business of the College and contain all of the members of the community. The lists,, and are unmoderated lists and may contain a wider range of topics. Additionally, users may choose to unsubscribe or subscribe to -Talk lists at any time.

Life Cycle Policy

The guidelines for life-cycle policy will be used as a benchmark to establish the Scripps College IT Financial Plan in support of the IT Strategic Plan objective. The life expectancy chart below is given to provide a means of estimating replacement needs. Technical decisions to upgrade or replace or extend the life will continue to be made based on industry trends, software development cycles and the cost of each option as we approach a decision point.

Support for Scripps-Owned Computers

Here is a list of the support policy and trouble shooting procedures for all Scripps-owned computers on campus.

Virus Protection Policy

The Claremont College Appropriate Use policy specifies that everyone connecting to the Claremont Network must employ appropriate virus protection methods. The best type of virus protection for your computer is an anti-virus software package that routinely scans and eliminates viruses on your PC in real-time.