Getting Started with Box@Scripps


If you haven’t heard, Box@Scripps is our new cloud-based storage and collaboration solution.  Box@Scripps enables simple, secure access to your files, allowing collaboration on any device.

Box@Scripps is live, IT has been implementing the cloud storage for the last year and the community is embracing it. Scripps IT has started reaching out to each department and offering workshops to get you started. It is a simple and secure cloud collaboration storage that allows you to access your content anywhere, anytime!

Take advantage of Box@Scripps training and learn basic and advanced usage. If you invest a little extra time now to discover how Box@Scripps can address your department needs, we promise it will save you and your teams HOURS of work in the future.


Progression of Box@Scripps users:

0%                                                                                              100%

Our goal is 100% by May 2019

Get started, log in today and help us meet our goal!

  1. Log In at click continue.
  2. Select “use Single Sign On (SSO) and type your Scripps College email address.
  3. Then you will be directed tot he CAS log in window, where you enter your network username and password.


  • When you log in to Box@Scripps, you will find a Box@Scripps Training folder with helpful video tutorials and guides to get you going.
  • Start uploading your content and collaborating with colleagues, attend training or reach out to IT staff
  • New Box Experience video
  • Movie
  • Datasheet

If you are having trouble logging in or need assistance using Box@Scripps, please contact us to help get you started.

Please contact us at @


Thank you,

Scripps IT