Forward Outlook emails to Personal email

Logon to using your Scripps College Outlook credentials.

Go to top right corner and click the gear icon.

Click on “Mail” under My App Settings. Click on “Forwarding” in the left hand menu.

Select “Start Forwarding” and enter the email address that you would like your emails sent to. Click Save.













To Send an email from your Personal email client using your Scripps College email

In Gmail for example, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your inbox and click on “Settings”. You will see tabs at the top with different categories. Click “Accounts and Import”.

A pop up will appear prompting for your email address.

Enter your Scripps College email address. Click Next Step. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter the server name. The server name is The username is your Scripps College email address and the password is your Outlook password. Click “Add Account”. An email will be sent to your Scripps address.


Click the link in the email to confirm. Now when you compose an email in Gmail, you will be giving the option to send it as your Scripps email. In the “From” field of the email, click and select your Scripps email address.