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Box@Scripps is an online cloud storage and collaboration tool.All current students, staff and faculty are eligible for a Box@Scripps account. Simply log in with your Scripps network login credentials to log into your account.


Box@Scripps is an online cloud storage and collaboration tool that provides users with the ability to easily store, access and share files and folders anywhere on any device. Scripps College has partnered with Box to provide free enterprise Box accounts to all current students, staff and faculty.

IMPORTANT –  Box@Scripps accounts are only available to those currently affiliated with the College.  Only current students, staff, and faculty members are eligible for a Box@Scripps account. Once you no longer have a email address, our Box@Scripps account will expire; you will need to make provisions to roll your account into a personal Box account.  To access your Box@Scripps account:

  • Go to  Box@Scripps –,  click Continue
  • Select Scripps College from the drop down menu, enter your Scripps network credentials and click login.


  • Unlimited storage
  • 15 GB file maximum single file size upload limit (IE, will only do a maximum of 4 GB)
  • Password-protected sharing
  • Security controls
  • Secure storage
  • Box mobile access
  • Version history
  • Group-based access
  • Coming soon: Third-party-app integration.

Maximum file size in Box@Scripps raised to 15GB

The maximum size for an individual file in the Box@Scripps collaboration and storage service is now 15GB (up from 5GB). Box@Scripps provides the largest file size limits of any of the Higher Education central cloud services.

Box@Scripps allows you to share and collaborate on documents and other files online. With a Box@Scripps account, you can invite both Scripps and non-Scripps people to collaborate with you, and with this latest increase, you can upload a file 200% larger than the previous maximum file size.

With Box@Scripps, you can:

  • Manage and preview files in many formats
  • Access content through all major browsers, and through mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry
  • Share files and folders while controlling access with a range of permissions from preview-only to full editing and collaboration rights
  • Comment on files
  • Create simple workflows
  • Take advantage of related applications


The Information Security Office has approved the use of Scripps College installation for storage of HIPAA and FERPA data, in accordance with relevant privacy laws and subject to appropriate usage.


Below are some recommended resources to help you get started.





Once logged into Box@Scripps, check out these highly recommended helpful training videos:

  • 5 Skills to Get Started Fast (4m 32s)
  • Files and Uploading (3m 41s)
  • Creating Folders and Workspaces (4m 06s)
  • Inviting Collaborators (3m 17s)
  • Enhancing Collaboration with Social Workflow Tools (2m 57s)
  • Choosing Notifications Settings (1m 58s)
  • Finding What You Need (2m 55s)
  • Box Edit (1m 33s)
  • Box Sync (4m 02s)
  • Box for iPad (2m 10s)
  • Box for iPhone (2m 19s)
  • Box for Android (5m 25s)
  • 5 Ways to Use a Box Note (4m 23s)


Note: You will need to sign into Box before accessing these courses.

The following free Box online courses are most highly recommended:

  • Box User Essentials
  • Box Basics 1: Sharing Made Easy (and Secure!)
  • Box Basics 2: Communicating and Editing in Box
  • Box Basics 3: Organizing Your Box Folders







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