Adding Network Printers

Adding Network Printers on your Mac and PC

These instructions are for students who want to install the Scripps laser printers located in the dorms and the Steele 226 computer lab onto their personal computers.  These printers have double sided printing capabilities.  Most students get 2000 free laser printer pages per year; seniors get 3000.  When students print to Scripps printers the pages are debited from their print balance.  Blocks of additional pages may be purchased from IT in Steele Hall room 10.

iPrint Installation for Mac and Windows

To print double sided:  open your document, go to Print, select the Scripps printer you want to use, click on Copies & Pages, select Layout, then change the Two Sided option to Long Edge Binding.

Please note there may be minor cosmetic and wording differences in different versions of OS X.

  1. Go to the installer (The installer is on self-installation page)
  1. The web page with printers listed will display available printers on campus
  1. Click on the Install iPrint Client link (left top corner)

  1. A file named “iprint.dmg” for Mac or “NIEXE” for Windows will download. Click on file and follow the prompts to finish install.
  1. Select the student’s hall printer from the list on the left column to install. Be sure to set the hall printer as the default; and then install the Steele Computer Lab.



Scripps Information Technology ~ October 2017