Marketing and Communications photographers’ main task is to capture, edit, and disseminate photos and videos for use in marketing and promoting the College. We have limited availability for photography of gatherings, events, workshops, etc. that do not have some sort of exceptional visual element or are not otherwise newsworthy. Cameras can be checked out from the library for those looking to create a photographic record of something that’s happening on campus. The Communications Office also has an extra camera that can be borrowed. Those looking to borrow this camera should indicate that in the details section below.

Expertise and resources

  • Photography database
  • Original photography
  • Video production
  • Equipment rental


Please allow 1 week to obtain photos from our database. Please request photography shoots 2 weeks in advance of your event.


Getting Started:

  • Complete a photo request form here.


Next Steps:

The Marketing and Communications team will:

  • Consider new requests at our weekly project review meeting
  • Determine whether existing photography will fulfill the request
  • Assign a photographer to cover your event
  • Procure freelance professionals, if recommended