Welcome to Life Connections

Rebecca Adams ’61 and Madden Rowell ’11

Career Planning & Resources welcomes you to Life Connections. This volunteer database offers Scripps College students the opportunity to network with over 1,000 alumnae and friends all over the world. These volunteers have agreed to provide invaluable information about careers, graduate studies, fellowship experiences, relocation, and job search tips within their areas of expertise.

For Students

  1. Login to your Academic Portal using your Novell username and password.
  2. Click on the student tab and scroll down to Career Planning & Resources.
  3. Search by career field, geographic area, major, graduate school, or other options offered.

Read our tips on starting the conversation with a volunteer.

Log in to Life Connections

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Note Well: Using this program for any purposes other than networking and informational interviewing will result in the immediate termination of the user. Solicitation, direct marketing, and/or asking for a job or internship is not permitted.

For Alumnae

While Life Connections is a student program, Scripps graduates gain access to all alumnae through the Online Community.  Learn more about other career resources for alumnae.