Life After College

Building on the foundation of Core and a liberal arts education, Scripps graduates are prepared for anything. In CP&R, we are committed to empowering you to be intentional about your post-graduation plans. We want you to do that works best for you.

Each year CP&R surveys seniors just before commencement and one-year after to learn what Scripps College graduates do after graduation.  Learn first-hand from alumnae themselves through Life Connections.

Entering the Workforce

When Scripps College seniors graduate, more than 50% begin work full-time within 3 months of graduation. Review a list of companies that have recently hired Scripps graduates and learn more about on-campus recruiting. Job readiness starts with hands-on experiences while students are still in school. About 82% of Scripps students hold at least one internship; though nearly one quarter report completing 3 or more.  Review a sample list of internships students have done recently. Just over 70% work on-campus and nearly half report working part-time off-campus.  Scripps College students also gain valuable experiences from study abroad, leadership in student clubs and organizations, community service, and participation in music, art, and athletics.

Starting Graduate School

Over 20% of seniors pursue graduate or professional degrees within the first year of graduation; many do this in conjunction with a part- or full-time job.  Review a list of graduate schools Scripps College graduates attended. Five years out, nearly two-thirds of Scripps students complete graduate or professional degrees.

Pursuing Fellowships and Academic Distinctions

Scripps College graduates less than 250 students each spring, yet the number of prestigious awards and fellowships its students compete for and win rivals that of many large colleges and universities.  Approximately 8% of graduates receive competitive fellowships and grants for full-time study and research yearly.  This includes the Fulbright Fellowship and the coveted Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.

Considering Post-Graduate Service and Travel Abroad

Given Scripps’ mission to “develop in its students the ability to think clearly and independently and the ability to live confidently, courageously, and hopefully,” it isn’t surprising that so many Scripps graduates seek an alternative path after graduation.  Nearly 10% of seniors plan for a gap year which might include service programs or opportunities for extensive travel.  (Upwards of 15% of graduates go abroad after graduation.)

Career Services for Alumnae

Recent graduates have continued access to CP&R services up to one year after graduation.  Appointments are available in-person or via phone or Skype.  Please call with any questions regarding your career development, first-year on the job, or graduate school applications. We’re here to help.

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